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Friday, June 10, 2016

Poetry #28: Those Words

My love, I have realized
all the words you said
I tried to internalize
every word you said

I hurt you
You hurt me too
But how, how did you move on
You move on so soon

All our memories together since from the start
The bad and the good ones

They bring tears and pain in my heart
I was always there when you needed someone

Maybe we tried too much
or maybe I was the only one who did
Your efforts were limited
How did you manage to show such


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poetry #27: How Are You?

If only you have the strength
Now that you let me go
How are you?
Are you happy with her?
Are you happy with your decision?

You decided to let me go
You chose her, not me
I am deeply hurt
I don’t know but I still love you

I miss you
I miss us
Funny how I can’t stay mad at you
I still wish you will come back

I can still feel that you miss me too
Our hearts feel the same way
I know you will come back
I just want you to realize that

Right now, I am praying that you will be enlighten
That you will come back to me
Then we will start over again
We’ll start a new beginning

I pray that this won’t take long
‘Cause the pain is killing me so
Always remember that I still love you

I will accept you amidst the pain you have cause


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poetry #26: Did I Hold On Too Strong?

Loving someone entails a lot of sacrifices
You do everything just to make them happy
Sometimes you’ll give up the things that make you happy
To the point that we lose ourselves

I have learned a lot for loving someone so much
I learned to save a little for myself
I learned that no matter how you win the person back,
If they don’t want to be won back, it’s time to give up

I am not counting the good things I did
But I just realized it’s not right to give everything
It’s better to save something
Something for ourselves

Monday, February 25, 2013

Poetry #25: Be Calm and Accept Changes

In everything you do, be true
In each challenge you face, be brave
In every mistake you did, learn from it
In every person you meet, cherish each

In everyday you wake up, be prepared
be grateful because you are blessed
In every new morning, starts a new beginning
Be calm, and accept changes