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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Poetry #20: Three Words

These three words
I have been trying to tell you
But fear always come first
So I hid it instead

If only you knew,
every moment I am with you
I wanted to wrap my arms around you
But I am too afraid to do so

I need you
I want you

I miss you
I love you



  1. outstanding one, love it absolutely.

  2. A wonderful peom about love! Well said!

  3. It really IS as simple as that, you know, Chamz. Needing and wanting... even when getting is another matter altogether!! And that's happened to me in the past... LOL

    But this is a lovely little poem, concise, nice construction, and especially heartfelt. Amy

  4. Its a anice poem. Please keep hem coming. I will surely come back and read more

  5. are you my mirror? feels like you're speaking my heart out loud...glad to know someone with the same sentiments.. ;)


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