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Monday, November 1, 2010

Poetry #3: Another Chance

If someone loves you,
Give that love a chance
For you’ll never know,
Maybe tomorrow it will grow

Don’t live from the past
Instead, learn to surpass
Move on and learn to accept happenings
Because there’s a purpose for everything

Learn to love again
Maybe the new one could heal the pain
You’ll be happy soon
So life must go on

For God had set His plans for us
And we deserved someone if we asked
Someone who could fill the empty space
Make you feel like you’re such a grace



  1. lovely hints,
    well put,
    to love is to forgive, embrace..

  2. Hi, I loved this poem. It kind of describes this year for me :) Thanks for sharing it.

  3. another chance our time to get it right...good write

  4. People aren't always open and receptive to good things. This can change over time, but sometimes it does not - and, in the end, they suffer for it. Opportunity doesn't always knock twice, and sometimes it knocks so quietly than people can't hear it. (Or their doorbell is broken!)

    Nice potluck poem!


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