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Monday, January 3, 2011

Poetry #15: Good Night 2010, Good Morning 2011

The year two thousand and ten,
Was a tough year for me
A year to blurry my memory,
To forget the pains you have given

I had the chance to mingle with others
I explored some of the world's wonders
And guess what, I met someone better
But it was only 2 months we were together

Next, I met someone I thought much better
He was kind and faithful
But it wasn't enough for me to love him deeper
Then after a month, it was over

I guess it was still you I am longing for
But it's time for me to really move on
I will bid goognight to you now
And thank you for making me happy, somehow

Soon I'll be with someone else and be happy again
Happier than being with you, Babe
And now is the time to say,
Good morning 2011!

Entry for:
Poetry Potluck - Journey and the Road Ahead!!!


  1. loses and gains,
    joy and pains,

    life is like that.
    best wishes for the year 2011.

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    Hope to see you in, Happy Tuesday, best wishes for the year of 2011.
    Bless you…


  3. you have a gift...nice poem:)

  4. Nice to see another kababayan having a talent and hunger for poetry! I'll be following your blog now hehe :)

  5. Glad to see you share...

    you got talent, keep rocking...


  6. It's a new world every minute; enjoy each one.

  7. such fun chamz.. here’s mine for this new year potluck..

  8. I like this poem...thank you for sharing.

  9. How are you?

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