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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poetry #14: IMY Part 2

We were inlove for more than 2 years
I looked back and saw our memories
I can still remember,
How loving and happy we were

We used to stay late at night
Just talking, kissing, and hugging tight
We had downfalls and sad moments
But our 2 years were filled with so much happy sentiments

I can still remember your sweetest smile
Your exceptional way of looking me in the eyes
I can still remember how we fell for each other
And now, I miss the old times we were together



  1. cute image,
    love the sweetness in your words.
    what a smiling entry.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. The picture is soooooo cute...
    Deep sentiments behind your poem...
    Lovely work :)

  3. revive it! nice poem! mines here-

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  5. Hello, thanks for visiting! Haha :D Would you like to follow each others blogs? :) Happy New Year!

    Btw, you're a Filipino too? Hehe. Saan ka nakatira? :D

  6. Deeply felt the emotions conveyed...a beautifully written piece. Thank you for sharing.

  7. i found this sad. i don't know. i got this feeling that perhaps it's only the memories you have left or something.

    anyway, the piece speaks to me more honestly than i can to myself. thank you for the soft unknowing nudge.


  8. welcome in,
    Glad to have you.

    kind of sad, the longing is obvious, yet well delivered message.

    Happy Rally.

  9. Oh, the pain of jilted lovers... nothing makes more emotional poetry!

  10. nice and romantic.. mines here-

  11. aaaawww.... i have couple of questions... but ....

    Thanks for sharing Chamz... this is deep.

  12. This is just so cute and touching.. love truly has no boundations!


  13. I love how you used "inlove" as one word. That says so much more than even the two words side by side!

  14. So poignant-- you show us well how much you miss somebody.

  15. You wear your heart on your sleeve. Your work is charming. Perhaps you should add an "R" to your name :-)

  16. congrats on your perfect poet award wk 36.. here’s mine for this thursday again haha..


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