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The most difficult question that someone can ask me is “Can you tell me about yourself?”

I have a tough time answering this part. I’ve been trying to pick up the right words to say so I can exactly describe myself.

I would admit that I, myself, am a bipolar. There are times that I talk too much and there are times that I keep my mouth shut.

At first, I am shy. I am silent. It does not mean that I am not interested of your presence. It only shows that I am reading your presence.

I am more in friendship and not into game of love. If you try to play with me, please back off. For all the games I know, only the game of love I am not good at. You can break my heart once but never can I allow you to break it twice.

See it for yourself. There are times that I am unexciting to be with. There are also times that I would endlessly goof around until you get pissed off. There are times that I am super sweet and at times that I am super harsh. I care so much to people who needs care. I love to love people who can be themselves and can laugh amidst of ordeal in life.

I am me. I speak what I feel and I speak what’s on my mind. I might not that frank but I can be if you ask my opinion. I give suggestions rather than advices.


"Try to know me twice and decide if you want to keep me in your life"  (^^,)


  1. It'a always okay to be yourself, however that may be at any given time.

    You described yourself well here, I think. Thank you for sharing some of you with us.

  2. Look who's talking, you see.. You start telling something about yourself.. There nothing difficult just keep on expressing.. =)

    Nice blog..keep posting..


Thank you for sharing your time with me(^^,)