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"Life is not easy. It has never been and never will be. Hence, we have the choice to make it better."

"For no apparent reason, I miss you."

"It took a second for me to fall and forever for me to move on."

"Seeing you happy with someone else is like hugging a cactus, it hurts."

"I guess missing you is my favorite hobby."

"If you can't keep a secret, at least, don't fabricate it."

"Age doesn't matter. Maturity does."

"I love you... with or without you by my side."

"My personal life is not an open book, stop reading it."

"It's not about the time spent. It's about the consistency of your feelings."

"Minsan kelangan mong magpahinga kapag sa tingin mo napapagod ka na."

"Enjoy life 'cause one day you will not"

-Princess Rose Chamen