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Friday, September 30, 2011

Poetry #21: I Love You, 17.

I felt so alone for years
I have been hiding so many tears and fears
Praying that someone will ease this loneliness
Might as well fill the emptiness

This journey has been always tough
ChamieShamz and I. Hug her when I'm not with you. :)
I didn't ask so much, just enough
All I want is someone I can love
And that someone will love me back

Then He gave me someone like you
So loving and true
Little did I expect to be happy
And that you would really love me

In my life, I am grateful to have you
I am so blessed to be loved by you
I can say, you are an answered prayer
My angel in disguise, my rescuer

You saved me from deep sadness
You filled my life with happiness
And I wondered what kindness did I do,
to deserve someone like you

Baby, I love you
Thank you for loving me too
For being my hero
Baby, I could not ask for more

I know it's too early to say,
But Baby, I want you to forever stay
I love you, 17



  1. so chweet.. cute.. just like my mittu.. what is his/her ame? Happy Weekend chamz..

    Someone is Special

  2. Wow.. so sweet.. I hope that I could my "one" will come na.. :)

  3. a surprise to see you in.

    bless you, stay blessed.


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