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Monday, November 1, 2010

Poetry #8: Fall Not

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Let me find my words
‘Cause I couldn’t say anything
I don’t understand the world
It seems so unfair for what I’m feeling

I tried my best not to fall
‘Cause I know you will never catch me
And it keeps me feeling so small
For you don’t even recognize me

I don’t want to move one step closer to you
I won’t breathe for you
And if I have a choice,
I don’t want to hear your voice

Holding back my feelings for you
‘Cause I know for you this is wrong
So I better hide this from you
Before I loose my grip from holding on



  1. lovely poem- frank and open.. ;)

  2. smart piece.
    I like the way you make it.
    Thanks for sharing with potluck.
    Happy monday!
    have fun reading some others.

  3. great poem. very honest. loved the last stanza. nice job!

  4. I too like the last stanza the most . ... love can be so hard, but worth the pain, don't you think?

  5. great expression of your raw emotion! ugh, i could feel it. take care ~700

  6. thanks for linking up with potluck.

    award/treats for you. smiles.


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