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Monday, November 29, 2010

Poetry #13: Conflict

You’re so unkind
After all I did, you don’t even mind?
How could you do such thing?
You’re so mean

Look into my eyes
So that you’ll realize
I expect you to say something
Just give me a sign, say anything

You used me since
I hate you then
I gave you my all
But you didn’t bother at all

I got some problems
But I can solve them
You’re one of them
But you’re the one I can’t mend

Give me a reason
Why you can’t learn from your lesson?
You’re not like this before
Now I don’t know you anymore

All these misunderstandings, I’ve been sick
You changed and I don’t understand
Hence, I’m still here to lend you my helping hand
Even if we still do have conflict

Written in the year 2005



  1. Chamz, I feel the pain of misunderstanding and a troubled relationship. Well done.

  2. Misunderstandings can be difficult ... writing about them sometimes helps, doesn't it?

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  5. Relationships can be difficult even at best. People change. But hold out the hand to help is always kind and human.

    Nice work ...

    Poem on ...

  6. nice work... i totally can relate to a messed relationship.
    check out my poem... ' that I love you'

  7. emo? broken? feeling lost and unwanted? Magsadya lamang sa tanggapan ni keko para sa mainam na payo.

    Joke :)
    umeenglish. Medyo mahirap ang relasyon pero wala namang nagsabi na kailangan palaging masaya hindi ba? hihi

  8. Hi Chamz.... Thanks for visiting my blog

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