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Monday, November 1, 2010

Poetry #4: These Words

Cold as ice as the wind blows my skin
I sit here all alone thinking of you again
Vivid thoughts of you are all in my head
Still I chose these words to remain unsaid

I lean my back and I sigh
How I wish you're here by my side,
So the coldness and emptiness I'm feeling
Which killing me inside will soon be melting

Here I am all alone in the darkness of  the night
Still feeling the emptiness and hoping you'll be mine
Though I only have thoughts of you in my mind,
Still I wish to be with you and hold you tight

Most likely everybody knows what is real
This special feeling for you I feel
And sometimes I wish these words to be spoken
But in the end, I much like to keep silent


  1. hello,

    A very nice poem indeed. nice choice of entry.

    ann of b-reviewers

  2. first I would like to say I love the song in your blog.

    second is introduction I guess. I am Stephanie from the b-reviews. and well I guess you wrote the poem so well. you have the ability to make a poetry that is more like a complete story. with the use of simple words it makes us more connected to the poetry.


  3. Ann- tnk u for the invite and welcome :)
    Stephanie- the song is for ex lover. hehe tnk u for the compliment. I use a lot of simple words most of the time. I believe I get easily connected with the reader and that's how I express my feelings. Simple words but with deep meanings. :)

    Cheers B-Reviewers! :)


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