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Monday, November 1, 2010

Poetry #5: My Angels

I found myself sitting here all alone
Thinking about the things we did before
You made my life worth living for
Damn, I miss you for so long

Honestly, I never thought we could be this close
We were once strangers saying Hi! Hellos!
We had so many things less in common
Yet we manage to carry on

There were times that I ran to you crying
And you were there comforting
We drank together like there’s no tomorrow
You did that just to ease my sorrow

I must say I am so blessed
You saw my worst and still love me more than my best
I’m grateful to have you as my friends
How I wish we’ll be together ‘til the end


  1. The laments of a young lover keeps the world moving all the time. Your poem rekindles fond memories of others who went through the same experience. Brilliant!

  2. Ah yes, young love......a beautiful thing. I faaaaaaaaintly remember:)


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