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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poetry #26: Did I Hold On Too Strong?

Loving someone entails a lot of sacrifices
You do everything just to make them happy
Sometimes you’ll give up the things that make you happy
To the point that we lose ourselves

I have learned a lot for loving someone so much
I learned to save a little for myself
I learned that no matter how you win the person back,
If they don’t want to be won back, it’s time to give up

I am not counting the good things I did
But I just realized it’s not right to give everything
It’s better to save something
Something for ourselves

Maybe I hold on too strong
I thought that person will never leave me
I thought wrong
In a glimpse, everything just ended

I admit I have shortcomings
But if you truly love the person,
You will never be in doubt with your feelings
Or maybe you never did love me

I was amazed on how you can manage to hurt me like this
The pain is killing me inside, I thought you notice
But you are so numb to feel my agony
You just gave up that easy

It’s time for me to give up
Because you already let me go
Didn’t give me the chance to prove you
How much I love and care for you

I wish you all the happiness
I wish she can give you more happiness
I pray that you will be happy with you decision
Even it means I am not

For now, I want to move on
Start over again and be back to the single me
Happy and contented
Never asking for more, I pray I can do it


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  1. I agree. It would indeed help if you will also give yourself the love you deserve while loving someone. It makes you all the more capable of loving another person.

    Magandang araw!


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