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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poetry #27: How Are You?

If only you have the strength
Now that you let me go
How are you?
Are you happy with her?
Are you happy with your decision?

You decided to let me go
You chose her, not me
I am deeply hurt
I don’t know but I still love you

I miss you
I miss us
Funny how I can’t stay mad at you
I still wish you will come back

I can still feel that you miss me too
Our hearts feel the same way
I know you will come back
I just want you to realize that

Right now, I am praying that you will be enlighten
That you will come back to me
Then we will start over again
We’ll start a new beginning

I pray that this won’t take long
‘Cause the pain is killing me so
Always remember that I still love you

I will accept you amidst the pain you have cause


1 comment:

  1. interesting poem,
    there is always new love or fresh botton to press on,
    but, old love always backs up and gives us courage to continue to live.


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